Farewell sports lovers.
You've been the best!

Appysport - Farewell sports lovers

Dear sports lovers,

In 2019 we set out to create Hong Kong’s first all-in-one sports booking platform. We brought you the best tennis, water sports, fitness, cycling and camping activities from the region.

But due to factors out of our control, we will no longer be able to bring you the on-demand sports bookings as we'd hoped. This means that Appysport’s services are discontinued.

Our journey was short but we achieved so much within 12 months. This would not have been possible without your support!

300+ activities

launched, including tennis, fitness, watersports, cycling and camping

4000+ hours

of sports practise enabled

108 sports businesses

Empowered by us

We're proud to have served you and hope to see you somewhere out in the sea, on a campsite, at the gym, or at a cycling route.

For any queries, contact us here


Appysport - Goodbye~~~~